Bolduc Paquet is a leader in criminal, penal and disciplinary law, providing comprehensive legal services. The firm has clients in Quebec, across Canada and worldwide. To achieve this, it calls upon the skills of highly qualified attorneys who have made their mark working on major and often high-profile cases. Their skill and integrity are demonstrated through the awards and distinctions they have earned.

Bolduc Paquet provides clients with personalized service with services perfectly tailored to meet the set objectives. Anticipating our clients’ priorities, we adjust our professional services to specific client needs.

Whether it be through publications, teaching or conferences, Bolduc Paquet attorneys are actively involved the advancement and popularization of criminal, penal and disciplinary law. This allow them to innovate and provide up-to-date solutions that are in line with the latest legal developments.

The legal system is not easy to understand and dealing with a criminal proceeding or penal action is certainly challenging. Although we cannot guarantee that the legal process will be pleasant, Bolduc Paquet attorneys do ensure personalized assistance and thorough legal advice.